Jedi Apprentice 10,The Shattered Peace,Jude Watson
Jedi Apprentice 11,The Deadly Hunter,Jude Watson
Jedi Apprentice 12,The Evil Experiment,Jude Watson
Jedi Apprentice 13,The Dangerous Rescue,Jude Watson
Jedi Apprentice 14,The Ties That Bind,Jude Watson
Jedi Apprentice 15,The Death Of Hope,Jude Watson
Jedi Apprentice 16,The Call To Vengeance,Jude Watson
Jedi Apprentice 17,The Only Witness,Jude Watson
Jedi Apprentice 18,The Threat Within,Jude Watson
Jedi Apprentice Special Edition 02,The Followers,Jude Watson

Jedi Quest 03,The Dangerous Games,Jude Watson
Jedi Quest 04,The Master Of Disguise,Jude Watson
Jedi Quest 05,The School Of Fear,Jude Watson
Jedi Quest 06,The Shadow Trap,Jude Watson

Dark Forces 03,Jedi Knight,William C Dietz

Tales from the Empire, edited by Peter Schweighofer

Junior Jedi Knights 01,The Golden Globe,Nancy Richardson
Junior Jedi Knights 02,Lyric's World,Nancy Richardson
Junior Jedi Knights 03,Promises,Nancy Richardson
Junior Jedi Knights 04,Anakin's Quest,Rebecca Moesta
Junior Jedi Knights 05,Vader's Fortress,Rebecca Moesta
Junior Jedi Knights 06,Kenobi's Blade,Rebecca Moesta
Young Jedi Knights 11,The Emperor's Plague,Kevin J Anderson & Rebecca Moesta

The Legacy Of The Jedi (Obi-Wan / Anakin Section), Jude Watson

Medstar 2 : Jedi Healer, Michael Reaves and Steve Perry

Boba Fett #1: The Fight To Survive, Terry Bisson
Boba Fett #2: Crossfire, Terry Bisson
Boba Fett #3: Maze Of Deception, Elizabeth Hand
Boba Fett #4: Hunted, Elizabeth Hand

Adventure Journal:

Betrayal by Knight, by Patricia A. Jackson and Charlene Newcomb (SWAJ #12, Feb. 1997)
Big Quince, by Peter Schweighofer (SWAJ #2, May, 1994)
A Bitter Winter, by Patricia A. Jackson (SWAJ #5, Feb, 1995)
Black Curs Blues, by Peter Schweighofer (SWAJ #8, Nov. 1995)
Blaze of Glory, by Tony Russo (SWAJ #8, Nov. 1995)
The Capture of Imperial Hazard, by Nora Myers (SWAJ #10, May 1996)
A Certain Point of View, by Charlene Newcomb (SWAJ #8, Nov. 1995)
Chessa's Doom, by Peter Schweighofer (SWAJ #1, Feb, 1994)
Combat Moon, by John Whitman, (SWAJ #9, Feb. 1996)
Crimson Bounty, by Charlene Newcomb and Rich Handley (SWAJ #14, Aug. 1997)
Death Hunter, by Tony Russo (SWAJ #9, Feb. 1996)
Desperate Measures, by Carolyn Golledge (SWAJ #10, May 1996)
Do No Harm, by Erin Endom (SWAJ #10, May 1996)
The Draw, by Angela Phillips (SWAJ #15, Nov. 1997)
Easy Credits, by Paul Danner (SWAJ #9, Feb. 1996)
Explosive Developments, by Peter Schweighofer (SWAJ #3, Aug., 1994)
Firestorm, by Kevin J. Anderson (SWAJ #15, Nov. 1997)
The Great Herdship Heist, by Daniel Wallace (SWAJ #15, Nov. 1997)
Idol Intentions, by Patricia A. Jackson (SWAJ #12, Feb. 1997)
The Kaal Connection, by Peter Schweighofer and Timothy Zahn (SWAJ #7, Aug. 1995)
Kella Rand, Reporting:, by Laurie Burns, (SWAJ #6, May, 1995)
Laughter After Dark, by Patricia A. Jackson (SWAJ #15, Nov. 1997)
Lumrunners, by John Beyer and Wayne Humfleet, (SWAJ #9, Feb. 1996)
The Most Dangerous Foe, by Angela Phillips (SWAJ #11, Nov. 1996)
The Occupation of Rhamalai, by M. H. Watkins (SWAJ #13, May. 1997)
Only Droids Seek the Maker, by Kathy Tyers (SWAJ #10, May 1996)
Passages, by Charlene Newcomb (SWAJ #7, Aug. 1995)
Relic, by George R. Strayton (SWAJ #6, May, 1995)
Rendezvous With Destiny, by Charlene Newcomb (SWAJ #6, May, 1995)
Retreat from Coruscant, by Laurie Burns (SWAJ #7, Aug. 1995)
Ringers, by Laurie Burns (SWAJ #6, May, 1995)
Shadows of Darkness, by Charlene Newcomb (SWAJ #4, Nov, 1994)
Shape Shifters, by Pablo Hidalgo (SWAJ #12, Feb. 1997)
Slaying Dragons, by Angela Phillips (SWAJ #9, Feb. 1996)
Small Favors, by Paul Danner (SWAJ #12, Feb. 1997)
Special Ops: Drop Points, by John Beyer and Kathy Burdette (SWAJ #14, Aug. 1997)
Special Ops: Ship Jackers, by John Beyer and Kathy Burdette (SWAJ #13, May. 1997)
Starter's Tale, by Peter Schweighofer (SWAJ #4, Nov, 1994)
To Fight Another Day, by Kathy Tyers (SWAJ #6, May, 1995)
Two For One, by Paul Danner (SWAJ #15, Nov. 1997)
Wind Raiders of Taloraan, by James, Cambias (SWAJ #5, Feb, 1995)
Vengeance Strike, by Peter Schweighofer (SWAJ #5, Feb, 1995) Star Wars Galaxy stories:
Assignment: Decoy (no author named, more game than story, from SWG#7, 1996)
The Battle of Cadinth, by Bill Smith (from SWG#2, 1995)
Jedi Protector, by Peter Schweighofer (from SWG#13, 1997)
Sandbound on Tatooine, by Peter Schweighofer (from SWG#10, 1997)

Star Wars Gamer stories:

A CREDIT FOR YOUR THOUGHTS (#2, Feb.-March, 2001)
FAIR PREY (#1, Dec. 2000-Jan. 2001)
Rebel Bass, by Kath Tyers (Gamer #6: Oct.-Nov. 2001)

Star Wars Insider stories:

The History of the Mandalorians, by Abel Pena (not a story, but an article from Insider #80)
Omega Squad: Targets, by Karen Traviss (from Insider #81, 2005)

Stories found in other magazines:

The Lost City of Tatooine, by David West Reynolds (from Dig magazine Vol. 1, #2, June/July 1999)

Short Stories originally printed in video or role-playing books: *(these are also listed in the "Video Game Books" section)

Pax Empirica-The Wookiee Annihilation (from "Prima's Official Strategy Guide" game book for "Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds" video game)
The Saga Begins, by Timothy Zahn *(see also "Game Books" section below) (short story that came with "The Darkstryder Campaign" boxed set from West End Games, 1999)
Star Wars: Tie Fighter: The Official Strategy Guide, (contains chapter intros with "Stele Chronicles" stories, Prima Publishing, 1994)
Star Wars: Tie Fighter: The Stele Chronicles, (story by Russ Demaria) trade paperback, Prima Publishing, 1994 (came with "Tie Fighter: Space Combat Simulator" game for the p.c.)
Star Wars: X-Wing: The Official Strategy Guide, by Rusel Demaria, (contains chapter intros with "Farlander" stories, Prima Publishing, 1994) In his Image(Vader Guide).