Name: Erno Vuorinen

Date of birth: 24th of June 1978

Place of residence: Kerava, Finland

Hobbies: Just hanging around

Status: Guitars

Musical background: I started playing guitar when I was 12 as a private study. Since then I’ve played in various bands.

Food: Beef in a cognac sauce
Drink: Beer
Movie: The Enemy of the State was pretty good.
Director: I have no favourite director.
TV-program: I don't watch any TV show regularly.
Actor/Actress: Sandra "Bulldog"
Book: 1001 positions
Author: I don't read much. Actually I don't read at all.
Band: Yölintu. Heh.. there are many.
Album: There's a lot of good ones. It's hard to name the best one.
Song: There are many, but I just listened to I want out by Helloween and it is always really good.
Season: Late summer/early fall

Our best gig: Ilosaarirock '99

Best gig you have seen: There are many. One that comes to mind is a gig by Stratovarious in Jyväskylä about three years ago.

Worst nightmare: A duet with Tuomas in front of thousands of people

Place you'd like to go: Egypt

Life philosophy: Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll... eh.

Instruments: Guitar

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