Name: Marco Hietala

Date of birth: 14th of January 1966

Place of residence: Helsinki, Finland

Hobbies: Scifi, fantasy & horrorbooks, computergames & movies

Status: Bass

Musical background: Bass & guitar about 20 years. I've been a songwriter for all that time also (music & lyrics). I've studied musical theory, singing & classical guitar for about 4 years. Bands: Tarot, Sinergy, Metal Gods (covergroup), Conquest. I also have 5 years of experience in studio engineering.

Food: Finnish sausage called "lenkki"
Drink: Finnish beer called "karhu"
Movie: The whole Star Wars series. I hope that the lord of the rings will take the first place soon.
Director: Too many for me to decide
TV-program: Babylon 5
Actor/Actress: Don't have one
Book: I have thousands of books, so this is a hard desicion. The lord of the rings again.
Author: Obviously Tolkien. I'm actually more of a scifi guy and at that side I'm really into works of David Brin, Larry Niven, Vernor Vinge and Greg Bear just to name a few.
Band: Way, way too many good ones. From early Sabbath, Purple, Rainbow stuff to Pantera, Soundgarden and an occasional soft spot for Kate Bush and Tori Amos.
Album: It changes from time to time. I've been listening Thin Lizzy's Live'n'dangerous a lot lately.
Song: Maybe... Gates of Babylon from Rainbow
Season: Summer! There's nothing romantic being a frost covered viking in scandinavia. IT'S COLD!

Our best gig: Playing with Tarot after Twisted sister at the Rantarock-festival 1986

Best gig you have seen: Judas Priest in Helsinki icehall. Think it was 1986 also.

Worst nightmare: Losing my creativity.

Place you'd like to go: To another star, Moon, Mars, anything goes. Hey, you green guys! Abduct me!

Life philosophy: Perrrkkkele

Other bands: Tarot

Instruments: Warwick Infinity bass, Kramer Forum 1 bass, Warwick Pro-tube IX amp.

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