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Kaliningrad Home - (Information and documentation general)   26 June 2004 10:42

 Measuring since …1 February 2003
 Total number of page views up till now91
 Busiest day so far1 February 2003
 Page views20
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1.27 January01:53Telepac II, Portugal
2.27 January02:02Telepac II, Portugal
3.18 February01:06Telepac II, Portugal
4.22 February01:38Telepac II, Portugal
5.22 February11:46Telepac II, Portugal
6.4 April21:07Telepac II, Portugal
7.26 April18:59Telepac II, Portugal
8.4 May01:56Telepac II, Portugal
9.20 May15:44Telepac II, Portugal
10.20 May15:52Telepac II, Portugal

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Page views per day

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1.Portugal91100.0 %
 Total91100.0 %

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