Name: Sami Vänskä

Date of birth: 26th of September 1976

Place of residence: Kitee, Finland

Hobbies: -

Musical background: I started playing bass seven years ago as a private study. At that time Ive played in a few bands which have been mostly from the metal genre. Before Nightwish I played, just like Tuomas, in Nattvindens Grt.

Food: Pizza
Drink: With food I drink water and when I want to get pissed I drink beer
Movie: One flew over the cuckoos nest
Director: Steven Spielberg
TV-program: X-Files
Actor/Actress: Jack Nicholson
Book: Talisman
Author: Stephen King
Band: Rush, Primus, RHCP, Death, Pantera, Manowar...
Album: There are many... it varies.
Song: There are many... it varies.
Season: Summer

Our best gig: Hopefully it's ahead

Best gig you have seen: Faith No More, Helsinki

Worst nightmare: I have no nightmares

Place you'd like to go: To watch the eclipse in North America a couple of years from now

Life philosophy: There is none

Instruments: Ampeq amp, Ampeq cabinet and Spector bass

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