Name: Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen

Date of birth: 17th of August 1977

Place of residence: Helsinki, Finland

Hobbies: Music is both my work and my hobby.

Status: Vocals

Musical background: I started singing with the help of my teacher and took private piano lessons when I was in lower grades of the basic school. When I was in the upper grades of the basic school I started playing flute in a music college. After the upper grades I started music high school in Savonlinna with classical singing and music theater as my major. Then I went to Sibelius Academy to study church music. At the moment I am specializing in classical singing.

Food: Chicken
Drink: Dry, gentle red wine
Movie: The Gladiator
Music: All kind of music from classical to hard rock
Director: Ridley Scott
TV-program: I don't watch TV a lot, but I watch the news and best movies on the weekend
Actor/Actress: Russell Crowe
Book: RT
Author: Mika Waltari
Band: It's hard to name the best one. There's a lot of good bands.
Album: Gladiator soundtrack
Song: Johannes Brahms: "Von ewiger Liebe" ::mp3 sample::
Season: Spring

Our best gig: Our South-American tour as a whole

Best gig you have seen: Opera in Norma Colуnґs theater in Buenos Aires. The band was REALLY good!!! huh...

Worst nightmare: That I wake up in the morning being mute!

Place you'd like to go: Exotic, small island somewhere far, far away. No tourism, no Finns. Only silence.

Life philosophy: Smile :)

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